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Craftsmanship tradition for passionate hunters


Since the 16th century, the Klett family has been associated with the gunsmithing trade Even today, we continue to craft bolt-action rifles and break-action firearms in various designs, all done by hand Additionally, we perform all repairs and restorations on hunting weapons, carried out by perfectly trained and highly motivated gunsmiths Thus, we can still claim to uphold the high quality standards of our ancestors to this day.




In the history a good gun maker has to ensure that their customers not only have the best guns and rifles but also equipment and accessories for their hunts. We take this role seriously, that we can offer our customers a large selection of equipment and clothings in our shop.


Through all highly qualified gunsmiths, we are able to carry out all repairs on hunting and sporting firearms, as well as stock adjustments and optimizations for shotguns and rifles We may refer to our Europe-wide reputation for the quality of our work.



Today based in Borken/Germany and with a team that spares no effort to make your adventure in nature unforgettable.




Quality, tradition, and hunting success - Our weapons accompany you on every hunting adventure