A view at our gunmakers bench

Our gunsmith workshop provides first class equipment, used by gunmaker master Eberhard Klett and his employees, who are also best trained gunmakers with years of experience or trained at the own workshop, to work even on most precious guns.

All kinds of work, from repairs up to custom made repeating rifles, double-rifles and boxlock or side-lock shotguns are taken out at our workshop.



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Renato Gamba
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Chapuis Armes


We manufacture custom made stocks in our workshop from wood of wood of your choice (Caucasian, French, American, Turkish), walnut ,Juglans Regia' or bright walnut ,Juglans Hindisii', of Californian laurel ,Umbellularia Californica' or even of maple ,Acre Macrophyllum', according to your measurements and requirements in shape. These woods are in various qualities available, in order to meet any price range at any time

Gunstock Qualities

AA-Quality Claro Walnut

AAA-Quality Claro Walnut

Exhibition Quality Claro Walnut

AA-Quality French Walnut

AAA-Quality French Walnut

Exhibition Quality French Walnut

Gun Fitting

By using a try gun we will find out your perfect stock measurements and apply those on your very own shotgun stock by bending it in an oilbath. We can furthermore apply your measurements to the stock, if those are registered in your shooting pass at a shooting school.

Barrel repairs

This very wide field includes blueing in application of black finishing, browning of damascus barrels (both with traditional family recipe), rebarreling of shot- or rifle barrels, lengthening of the chamber i.e. from 65 mm to 7 mm at old shotguns and three-barrelled gun as well as on bullet caliber from 6.5 x 57 to .308 Winchester





Old guns can be overworked for you completely in order to meet nearly original conditions.
We are also be able to polish your gunstocks in the 'London Style'.


Restoring of a pinfire side-by-side shotgun, William Evans, London, of 1848: 



before restoring