Since the 16th century the name Klett is closely connected to the gunmaker business. Antique documents of 1578 already prove the successful work of Suhl's gunsmiths Stephan and Valentin Klett. Even Wallenstein was customer of the gunsmiths Georg and Balthasar Klett in Suhl during the Thirty Years' War.







Valentin Klett, around 1570 (German Hunting Museum, Munich)



Rare guns of the Klett-workshop are not only exhibited at various German museums but also world wide at e.g. the Windsor-Collection or the Metropolitan Museum in New York. A flintlock rifle made by Guidobald Klett in 1690 is still in the possession of the family today. The last ancestor in Suhl, Helmut Klett, settled down in Borken, Westphalia, West Germany after the 2nd World War.



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